Crystal PMMA manufacturer
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          Crystal PMMA manufacturer is an enterprise which produce PMMA products prof- essionally , with the turnout of six hundred tons per year . Our company was built in 1989 , we have abundant strength in producing organic glass because we hold twenty years' experi- ence of manufacture . Our organic glass is made up of original PMMA material , so they hold several obvious advantages such as perfect isolation trait , good resisting corruption chara- cter , good mechanical intension and transparency . The PMMA stick looks like crystal after being polished , and they can be used to make kinds of artwork . Our products are fit for ele -ctronical mechanism , underwater equipment , apparatus equipment , advanced decoration and so on .       

       Our factory has passed the authentication of ISO9001 , so our pruducing and managem-ent are all under standardization .You can check it on the website:

              To    contact    us
 General  Manager : Hua Yousheng   (Mobile phone) : (0086)13801438197
    Sales Manager : Hua Guoqing    (Mobile phone) : (0086)13952697592
           E-mail :  (use Outlook Express)
        Telephone : 0086-0523-87561340
              Fax : 0086-0523-87561576
      Post number : 225451
          Address : One Kilometer in the East of Zhangqiao Town,Namen,Taixing
                    City, Jiangsu, P.R.China



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